The Lockdown: B-sides from The Happening

Prior to the current global climate COVID-19 pandemic has laid claim on, SHADYLANES rapidly rose in Hanoi as one of the most sought after bands for major music events held in the city. Coming fresh off the back from playing their first headline show at Blush Beach Club, Hoi An on New Years Eve, SHADYLANES were due to commence the recording of their debut EP The Happening at Karma Sound Studios in Pattaya, Thailand with Shane “Buddha” Edwards in April of 2020.

Upon worsening news of travel restrictions being implemented in March of this year, SHADYLANES were forced to postpone their scheduled recording date.

As the whole planet commenced closing borders and going into lockdown, the band made plans to record and release the songs that didn’t make the cut for their EP The Happening. The whole project would be produced and recorded, with accompanying videos filmed and edited, all from their apartments in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The four-part series titled The Lockdown: B-sides from The Happening was originally intended to be a raw acoustic series of b-side songs, with simple performance videos to accompany them upon release. This all evolved very quickly into a concept much more complex.

Using every last in-house resource within the bands reach, SHADYLANES set out to fully re-compose and produce the songs themselves while taking on the role of creating an individual video concept to go with each song upon release.

The first of the four part series titled Unknown Destination (feat. Zak Azeez) was re-designed in an ambient/electronic format with a musical homage paid to influences in hip-hop and RnB grooves and sounds. The video was shot from start to finish in one complete take with no cuts or edits whatsoever.

The four songs feature different artists from Hanoi’s local music scene, paired with varying concepts for their accompanying videos.

View the full Lockdown series on the SHADYLANES Youtube Channel.

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